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Tone Appétit
IES 2004 !!!
Phoenix 2003
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Comments From Our Viewers

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Good morning ladies
Firstly let me tell you how wonderful I found your performance yesterday at the start of the quartet finals in Nashville. Wow, fabulous and awesome are words that don't quite capture the brilliance I observed. Thanks and well done indeed.
...Good luck for the future and I for one will be following your progress.
In harmony

What a fantastic achievement..... !!!
Congratulations to you all......
Judy Swann
The Melbourne Chorus
Victoria Australia.

Congratulations from the Island!!!  You all look beautiful and I'm sure you sang that way also to receive first place.  What an honor! Hugs and kisses from the Kelly Clan on Hilton Head!

Hi All.
I just received the coolest CD ever.   It is the SAI Rising Star Bronze Medallists quartet (I think I am right here) called Tone Appetit.
If you have never heard these young women then you need to get this CD.   2 of the Girls are 13 and two are 15 and they sing like angels.  I can tell you Swinglish Mix have to watch out for these young chicks...   Talk about Talent - wow...
Steve Currington
New Zealand 

Hi girls!  I'm still amazed at your fantastic performance, your professionalism and your sweet attitudes - which indeed makes you all wonderful winners!  You definitely ROCK!!! Congratulations again!  We love you -- gwen

I saw the good news on the H@rmonet. WAY TO GO TONE APPETIT!
We're so PROUD of you and honored to have shared the stage with you!
Hope to see you and SING with you soon!
Mike Borts
Dallas Knights

CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!! I am SO very proud of you all!! Can't wait to see you guys (maybe at the Rich Tone show next month, hint hint??) & congratulate you in person! You have many, MANY more wonderful things ahead of you. Enjoy every moment!!

Melody White
Your FIRST Regional Hostess :-D

Congratulations to all of you!!!
That is sooooooo awesome!  I so wish I was there to have seen your performance!  I'm sure it was amazing!  You guys are fabulous and we love hanging out with you whenever we're all together!  Keep doin' what you do!  Enjoy the journey!


Lead, Flirt!

Hey! Congratulations to four talented Rising Stars! You all are so precious and wonderful! May God continue to bless your voices! Love, The~ Quintero~ Family

Outstanding web page, I am so proud of you, happy for you, and supportive of you, in chasing your dreams.  "Go girl (s) go"
Emmy's (Aunt Patricia) from California

 Hey Emmy it's Sarah, love your site! You did great on it! Love yaz bai bai

Cool Website!  Great job on it!  Cool Quartet too btw :)
Rock on!  -Uriah

Hey Chickadies!!! The web-site looks great!  Best of luck in all your future plans!  In Harmony,Amy Kidwell -- Lead -- Prairie Winds Chorus    Region #25     The Heart of America

Excellent site!!  Beautiful faces, beautiful voices, and smart too!!  Look
out world.  I'm looking forward to your CD.
Marvin Leeth

Hey Girls!  Great site.  You are quickly becoming one of my favorite
quartets!  Keep singing, always ringing! Kayla-Rendition, lead.

Hi Young Ladies, neat, quick website - congrats.  How about a sample audio on site?!!  (not being an IT technik don't know if this is difficult).
- In Harmony - Sue, Region 31 UK.
     (from Emmy- We'd love to add something like that and we will... as soon as we know how to do it! haha)

You are so wonderful !!!  Keep it up... You just get better and better.
Great web site !!!   Gayle Lowell

Dear Girls,
I visited your website today and it really looks good!  You are a great quartet.  Keep up the good work.  We are proud of you!
Debbie Warren

WOW! can't wait to hear you!  Web site looks Great BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL.  I'm so proud of you ! Teal

Loved seeing your website . Look forward to hearing you sing again . Keep up the good work . Teresa (renditionBass).

Loved seeing your website . Look forward to hearing you sing again . Keep up the good work . Teresa (renditionBass).

Hey girls! This site is awesome!!! i cant wait to get the cd cuz Ive heard
you sing and you guys are sweet. I luv you all :D lata! Heather Hanson

Your CD is just wonderful - when's the next one out?
Shirley F.

Hi. I am from Wellington, New Zealand

I thought your performances at Nashville were top class and thought I would drop you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed you and to wish you lick in the future. I watched the events via the webcast. It was excellent. I even liked the way you handled the minor taking pitching issues at one event.. Extremely professional.   Hang in there girls you are  huge talent and will go places.

Steve Currington

Congratulations to you guys for all of your accomplishments.  I appreciate
you very much.  Dr. Maxfield.

Hi, there!
I just wanted to tell you again what a GREAT job you did on the international stage in Nashville! I *knew* I should have gotten your autographs last summer when you sang in my dorm room! Congratulations on your performance *and* on the release of your really cool new CD!!! I'm so proud of you!

Hello from Louisiana,
Just wanted you to know how proud Piney Hills Harmony is of the great job
you are doing in representing Region 25.  Keep up the hard work and you'll
be wearing crowns next year!!
Wanda McKaskle

What a great site. I'm too far away to hear you guys in person, so its wonderful to see the pictures and get the "feel" of the quartet from the website. Congratulations on all your successes. May they always continue!
Jenny Fay
Perth, Western Australia

Great site, Emmy etal.  OK City Chorus is very proud of you.  Good luck at Regionals.
    Sharon Rankin

Love the SOUND!!! Wow, y'all have been busy, haven't you! I can't wait to see you on stage on Apr 4, and I wish you the VERY BEST in your first Region 25 competition!!!
Love ya,
Prairie Winds

Hey, Gals!  The web site is wonderful.  Good job, Emmie.  I heard you sing at the Sweet Adeline's concert.... just marvelous. I am so proud of all of you.  I can hardly wait to get our CD.  Have a great time with your singing, and I wish you much more continued success.

Cathy Gibson

You go, girls.   The Greater Sabine Chapter from Beaumont is wishing you the
very best at Rising Star.  Linda Trahan -Lead - The Tunepipers.

I had heard Tone Appetit both at IES and at International in Nashville
and have thoroughly enjoyed each performance ... but none more than
Saturday night's double quartet with Rumors.  You all are the envy of
all Sweet Adelines who just dream of being on that stage, much less
with a quartet the quality of the fabulous RUMORS!!!!...
-Cheryl Pyle
Baritone, Alamo Metro Chorus

Emmy, let ME thank YOU for the distinct privilege of being your quartet
hostess for the contest! You girls are so phenomenally talented. Makes me
wish yet again that I'D gotten into this organization at your age! I was
so impressed with your self-discipline, your dedication to your craft . .
. and your ability to pick up each others' part with ease! Your
performance with Rumors on Saturday nite blew me - and the rest of the
room - away!! Congratulations on a remarkable performance! I look forward
to seeing your progress every year!

Ladies, keep your eyes on this fantastic quartet!! They WILL wear crowns
on our International stage one day!!

See you at the next regional event!!


Melody White

Rich-Tone Chorus

way to go tone appetit!!!  wish i could have been there to see you beat all
the big girls!!!!!  good for you..... a fan from berkshire hills chorus...
pittsfield massachusetts!!

you girls just keep working as hard as you do and you will be queens one day... great write up in the pitch pipe!!!  sue ingui  berkshire hills chorus

I love you girls
-Chris Lopez

I was at IES 2003 and you ladies were AMAZING!  Wonderful job and such an inspiration!!!  I'm mailing you money for a CD today!  I can't wait to share it with my 14 year old daughter.  What awesome young women you are!  You should be VERY, VERY, PROUD!!!!!
Lora L. Wright

May everyone have the chance to be incredibly blessed to hear the awesome sound of Tone Appetit! Congratulations!
Emmy, your Aunt Velinda loves you and am so proud of you!

Marvelous!!  What a fun site to visit! How exciting!  -Marlene Lynch  (Emmy's mom)