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Tone Appétit
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About Tone Appétit


A Little Bit About Us.

Katarina Nortz, tenor

LisaMaria Lopez, lead

Sephra Osburn, baritone

Emerald Lessley, bass

Quartet members are Katarina Nortz (tenor), LisaMaria Lopez (lead), Sephra Osburn (baritone), and Emerald Lessley (bass).
Tone Appétit is a dynamic and versatile young women's acappella/barbershop quartet and all of us are members of the OKCity Chorus of Sweet Adelines International. We are the four youngest members of OKCity Chorus.
In addition to the wonderful experiences of singing as a part of the Tone Appétit quartet and with the Internationally renowned OKCity Chorus, each quartet member enjoys being a vocal music major at a very accomplished performing arts school.  

This past July, Tone Appétit traveled to Greenville, South Carolina, and placed first in an international competition of young women's barbershop quartets.   This was quite an accomplishment as we were competing against some awesome quartets that were a lot more experienced and older than us.  We were so excited!!